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Santa Barbara experiences a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (the area was home to the Chumash tribe of Native Americans, complex hunter-gatherers who lived along the coast and in interior valleys leaving rock art in many locations including the Painted Cave.

If you like history the Presidio of Santa Barbara Mission Santa Barbara known as “the Queen of the Missions,” was founded in 1786. The Mission and Painted Cave are both in what is now the city of Santa Barbara. This stretch of coast along southern Santa Barbara County is sometimes referred to as “The American Riviera.”

The Santa Ynez Mountains, an east–west trending range, rise dramatically behind the city, with several peaks exceeding 4,000 feet. The dominant architectural themes of Santa Barbara are the Spanish Colonial Revival and the related Mission Revival style, Santa Barbara contains numerous performing art venues, including the 2,000 seat Arlington Theatre, the largest indoor performance venue in Santa Barbara. S.B. also serves as the premise for the annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The Bolero Theatre is both a historic building and favorite venue for small concerts; and the Granada Theater is the tallest building downtown. The Santa Barbara County Courthouse, a red tiled Spanish-Moorish structure, provides a sweeping view of the downtown area from its open air tower. Santa Barbara International Film Festival, another local non-profit, has also become a major draw bringing over 50,000 attendees during what is usually Santa Barbara’s slow season in late January.