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Roarin’ Good Times at Rooster Creek Tavern – Arroyo Grande, CA

By Donna / August 7, 2019 /

When I got out of my jeep in the parking lot at the Rooster Creek Tavern in Arroyo Grande there where a bunch of well… Roosters running around the parking lot.

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Top Places to Go Camping in Monterey County

By Donna / June 15, 2020 /

Monterey County, found in the central region of California has a lot to offer those who visit. It has many tourist attractions including regional parks (where you can enjoy outdoor activities), beautiful forest views, amazing cliffside and ocean views, bay aquarium, and epic shopping. If you are looking for a good place to visit with…

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El Capitan State Beach

By Donna / October 8, 2019 /

There’s something refreshing and rewarding about falling asleep beneath the stars, while pebbles poking through your sleeping bag and gusts of wind that threaten to flatten your tent can’t negate that.  For my family, the allure of camping is heightened by the promise of waking up to the sound of waves breaking against the shore.…

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Nature’s Art at Nojoqui Falls

By Donna / August 15, 2019 /

Nojoqui Falls Park has a beautiful waterfall tucked away in a backroad, just 10 minutes from the intimate Danish town of Solvang. The waterfall is much higher than you would think, and even when there’s just a trickle, the short hike heading up to the falls is one of the most remarkable walks you will…

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Los Padres Scenery

Camping at Los Padres National Forest

By Donna / August 7, 2019 /

Ask a Central California native if they’ve ever been to Los Padres National Forest and unless they’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, well-acquainted with the lay of the land, you’ll likely be met with a quizzical look. That’s because Los Padres National Forest is such a vast place, that you likely won’t know you’re passing through…

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SLO County Small Batch Brewers Festival

By Donna / April 29, 2019 /

The SLO County Small Batch Brewers Festival is coming to San Luis Obispo, and you won’t want to miss it. Eight of the smallest, family-owned breweries around San Luis Obispo County are coming together to create a new and unique experience for beer-lovers. This is not your typical crowded beer festival with breweries from across…

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sedona arizona

Sedona, Arizona

By Donna / August 22, 2018 /

If you do not know about Sedona, Arizona, then it can safely be said that you will be quite surprised by the unexpected sight that awaits you. There is little else in nature that is so simple in its essence yet so mesmerizing than the view of a sea of red sitting where you would…

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Beauty Poet

Beauty Poet – San Luis Obispo, CA

By Donna / June 29, 2018 /

People often ask me, where is the best place for a massage in San Luis Obispo County?  Narrowing it down to just one is a difficult thing to do since there are so many great places. Each has comparable advantages on the California coast.  Treating yourself to a massage, or other spa services, in my opinion,…

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Nepenthe Restaurant – Big Sur, CA

By Donna / June 6, 2018 /

Mountains or ocean? At Nepenthe restaurant and bar, you don’t have to choose which gorgeous setting you’d like—you’re served complimentary views of both as you drink and dine. If you’re traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or in Big Sur, don’t miss dining at one of Southern California’s best restaurants, and Big Sur’s most…

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Montecito – Where the Stars Rise and Fall

By Keys 2 the Coast / May 3, 2018 / Comments Off on Montecito – Where the Stars Rise and Fall

MONTECITO WHERE THE STARS RISE AND SHINE Montecito is to Beverly Hills what Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles. Meaning as Beverly Hills boasts a higher concentration of the rich and famous relative to Los Angeles, so too does Montecito possess an even more elevated level (per capita) of rich and famous relative to Beverly…

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