Bottlest Winery, Bar and Bistro in Buellton, Ca

By Donna Polizzi

Formally known as Terravant Wine Co. has a new name, a new look and a new menu with fantastic selections.

Have you ever been to a self-service wine wall?

It is indeed a fun place to go and taste some of the region’s most excellent wines with the added convenience of enjoying their innovative self-serve wine dispensers. You get to control the size of the pour, and of course the frequency of the pour, which is my favorite feature.

It’s a pretty cool set-up. The server gives you a card, kind of looks like a credit card.  Next, you can head to the wine wall which has a vast selection of wines to choose from.  You insert the card and select either a half or full glass.  I like it because I can get a half glass if I want to try a wine (I know, I know, spoiled by wine tasting) and choose another whenever that mood strikes.  If you like Red’s, then I recommend you go for the Brander Reserve.  It’s smooth, full-bodied and goes great with many of the delicious items on the menu.

Bottlest wine, buellton, ca

Trust me; this restaurant has delicious food and an impressive selection.  The tapas menu has a wide variety of food choices in large and small plates to pair with your wine choices. Everything without exception that I have tried is excellent. My favorite is affectionately known as “yuppie crack.”  Crispy bacon is wrapped around a date stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with balsamic and served with basil oil. I order it every time I go, so it is indeed addicting. A couple of other yummy dishes are their Mac ‘n’ Cheese, The California Pizza, and the short ribs are savory and tender. Yum!!!  They change up the menu frequently so if you don’t see these items it is worth asking for them.  You might get lucky.

Bottlest Winery, Bar, and Bistro, located at 35 Industrial Way in Buellton, Ca., has an industrial feel with a sense of sporty sophistication. The lights are somewhat low, and the view out of the bar window of the mountains is spectacular. Picture a rustic country setting with mysterious green mountains and low lying clouds as the backdrop. They have live music several evenings a week so check their schedule.

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