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Catalina Island Oddities That Leave Us Wondering Why

catalina island hillside

Catalina Island is full of interesting things to do, places to go, fascinating stories and intriguing mysteries. Did you know that the island’s bird park doesn’t have any birds? It’s true. When the bird park opened in 1929 it was a popular tourist attraction and held roughly 8000 birds. Island owners, Ada and William Wrigley…

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Catalina Island is a Trip

catalina island casino

Catalina Island in my opinion is a heavenly place and we are going to tell you the best places to visit so your quick getaway feels like a full week vacation. There are so many choices depending on what “kind” of trip you want. I needed a relaxing experience to enjoy natural beauty and good…

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This Island Girl has a Story to Tell

silver canyon pottery

Santa Catalina Island has been a home to many people for at least 8000 years. The first European settlers came in 1542 and contacted the Native American tribe called the Pimungans. In 1846, the Island was awarded to Thomas Robbins as a Mexican land grant. In 1919 William Wrigley Jr. became the owner of the…

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Catalina Island is for Foodies


Enjoying Catalina Island with a glass of wine while watching the boats from the Bluewater Grill. If you enjoy good food Catalina Food Tours offers a fantastic three-hour tour of different foodie locations in downtown Avalon. In just a mere three hours we visited 5 different places and we tried so many different types of…

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Girl Trip to Catalina By Donna Polizzi

hamilton cove sunny day

Catalina Island, from offshore, appears magical. As you look past the paddleboards, sailboats, and yachts, you see 54 miles of pristine coastline and an island that has the charm of a bygone era. On the East side, you’ll see stunning white villas with tile roofs, reminiscent of Greece, gracing the hillside.  Looking a bit further…

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