If you’re looking for the perfect beach town, look no further. Half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles lies one of the most beautiful, scenic beach fronts on the California Coast. The views are spectacular, the weather is mild, and you will find great restaurants, wineries and brewery’s around the corner. If you like to adventure out, this is a perfect place to golf, ride the dunes, surf, hike, horseback ride, fish,body board, or simply stroll down a beautiful pier and make memories to last a lifetime.

Fisherman at Pismo Beach Pier

Things to do in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a classic beach town, situated 244 miles south of San Francisco and 83 miles north of Santa Barbara. Pismo Beach Offers a plethora of things to do to satisfy every interest. Perhaps, you might enjoy a stroll on a beautiful white sand beach. Pismo Beach is an ideal place to catch a…

monarch grove

Head on over to Monarch Butterfly Grove!

At North Beach located off of Highway 1 in Pismo Beach. High season goes from November through February and highlights the millions of monarch butterflies that make their way to this area each year. Click on the video below for more information.  Thank you to our sponsor:  Home Motors!

matties bar and eatery

Mattie’s Bar and Eatery in Pismo Beach, Ca

Pismo Beach has no shortage of great restaurants and another has been added to the list.  Dining at Mattie’s Bar & Eatery, at 558 Price Street in Pismo Beach, has locals and tourists raving about the distinct and delectable dishes prepared by Chef Rebecca. Madeline Moore, “Mattie” the owner, and her longtime friend Rebecca have…

Hapy Pismo Beach, CA

Every Hour is Happy Hour At the Hapy Bistro in Pismo Beach, CA

By Gaby Mendoza Hapy Bistro in Pismo Beach is a Keys 2 the Coast favorite place to wine, dine and explore on the California Central Coast. Many people might walk or drive by the restaurant, without realizing what a gem of a dining experience that exists in the strip mall at 821 Oak Park Blvd.,…

rosa's italian

Italian Date Night

As part of an ongoing series, K2TC brings you the most romantic spots for lunch and dinner, combining beautiful atmosphere with delectable menu items. It’s never been easier to find the perfect spot for date night. These are some of the best and hottest Italian restaurants on the Central Coast.

monarch butterflies

Nature’s Majesty – Monarch Butterflies on the Central Coast

By Blake Lewolt Imagine walking 3000 miles with no signs, no map, and no compass, traveling between 50 to 100 miles a day. That is exactly what Monarch Butterflies do every single year. Monarchs are the only species of butterfly that, (like birds) make a two-way migration every year. A true enigma lies in their…