Lake Tahoe is one of the most spectacular natural sites that you can wish to see in the United States. Being the second deepest lake in the country, Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas have been hubs for congregations of thousands and thousands of tourists every year, with people flocking in hoards to take in the beauty of the snow capped mountains lined with alpine trees and marvel at the sparkling blue waters of the famed lake.

The vibe at Lake Tahoe is whatever you want it to be. If you are one of the more adventurous people and love to have an active time outdoors interacting with some of nature’s best gifts to mankind, then Lake Tahoe and the corresponding areas have much to offer you. Go skiing and glide over the snow covered tips of the stunningly heavenly Squaw Valley near Tahoe City where the 1960 Winter Olympics were hosted, snowboard to your heart’s extent at one of the many resorts that line the breathtaking mountains, indulge on exciting water and wind sports as you dive in and kayak on the sparkling blue waters of the lake or surf in the wind to tick it off from your bucket list, take a fun little bike ride on a determined trail with your family and friends, camp out in the open and hike on trails that are lined by tall and fresh alpine forests, and go backpacking out in the wilderness so that you can always keep a part of some of the most beautiful sites in the nation safe in your memories.

If you simply want to kick back and relax for a while, take a break from your tough routine and let off the steam with a few calming moments, then Lake Tahoe has you covered as well. Bathe in the sun on one of the shores by the Lake Tahoe in the region that experiences over 300 days of sunshine every year, explore the sugary, snow covered expanses and mountains during the months of November till April, drive through alpine lined terrain and take in the West Coast vibe as the wind moves through your hair- Lake Tahoe has something for everyone!

The shoreline of Lake Tahoe is vast and expansive, summing up to a grand total of 72 miles which you can drive along and simultaneously enjoy the view of the sunshine dancing on the ripples. But every turn you take to go in a different direction following the shore, you will find yourself exposed to an entirely new community: from the quaintness and peace of the north, to the bustling nightlife of the south; from the ancient and traditional vibes of the west, to the novelty of the still developing east shore; you can always count on Lake Tahoe to keep you entertained with something new and different every day of the time you spend there.

The lake is open all year round and offers something new every season, with the sun beating down on the shore in the summer, the breeze blowing loud in the spring, and the top tier ski and snowboarding resorts bustling with activity during the winter time.

To top it all off, the Tahoe area has no shortage of nightlife, with several popular clubs populating the area and numerous casinos open for visitors to gamble and enjoy in, what with the former being legal over the line in Nevada.

Lake Tahoe has long since been quenching people’s visions and granting them peace of mind with its glorious scenery, relaxed essence, and the plethora of activities it puts on offer for its visitors and is undoubtedly one of the key places to visit for anyone looking to enjoy the perfect mix of natural beauty and quaint manmade stops through the journey.

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Destination Highlight: Lake Tahoe

By Keys 2 the Coast | August 20, 2018

If you are seeking a destination with exciting and varied activities, Lake Tahoe is the perfect option for you. Whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls and National Parks or just lively nightlife, there is something for everyone in this alluring town. I will highlight some of the reasons why Lake Tahoe is…